1. Self- Development Programs:


NLP and Communication skills Training:


This vertical looks at workshops ranging from the basics of public speaking and conversational skills to advanced techniques of communication like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transnational Analysis. The focus is to use communication as means to not just express yourself www.umarkets.com/ but get things done and achieve goals in the environment that you are in. Our communication workshops are packed with practice sessions and real world applications.

2.Relationship Development Programs:

Interpersonal/Team/Family work life balance

Out bound Training/ Employee engagement activities

3.Skill Development programs:

  • Soft skills Training

  • Personality Development Training

  • Employee productivity Training

  • Leadership Training Program

  • Train the Trainer Program

  • Management Development Program

  • Nurturing True leaders

  • Sales training program

  • Business Excellency

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Behavioral training

  • Coaching and mentoring Skills

  • Psychology counselling

  • Art of Stress management

  • Productivity through Powerful mind


Teaching staff

  • Faculty Development program


  • Campus to corporate

  • Placement assistance program (Customized program done after psychometric assessments).

  • Portfolio development

  • Career guidance

  • How to succeed interviews

  • Spoken English


Teaching staff

  • Train the Teachers


  • Confidence building

  • Personality development


  • Motivational program

  • Public speaking program

  • Career planning and portfolio development

  • Psychology counselling

  • Happiness program

  • Stress relieving workshop

  • Holistic life integrated workshop (Mind power Meditation, Music, Mudra, Voice NLP, self-hypnosis, aerobics)

7.Therapies available:

  • Stress relieving therapy

  • Gratitude and interpersonal therapy

  • Hypnosis therapy

  • Relationship therapy

  • Voice therapy

  • Indian classical music therapy

  • Mudra therapy