FLOURSCENT GLOBAL headed by Ms. Honey Rai shines bright in the horizon of training and acts as a catalyst in the lives of people. Happiness is the essence of life and it is an apt endeavor of Fluorescent Global to reach out to every deserving individual the world over. The training which is imparted by Fluorescent Global not only caters to the echelons of the society and corporates but also to the students and the general public. Ms. Rai is backed by a team of experienced, dedicated, and passionate professional trainers and the sessions are packed with practice sessions and real world applications.




  • We deliver skill development program that significantly increases participants’ on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organization

  • Our values are largely driven to be highly sincere and true where moral values and regards are upheld and up ticked.

  • We deliver with ultimate passion which is unshakable and unstoppable leading to a solid foundation making a difference in people’s career and life.

  • We are passion personified, to enliven lives of others by helping balance their thoughts

  • We discover a ‘New You’, upholding your values, goals, balance and fulfillment by path breaking training methodologies, in turn www.bigshotrading.com/ helping you realize your full potential and tread on a successful road called ‘life’!



  • To bring back the professionals to the main stream and excel to their full potential.

  • To springboard professionals from all walks of life with a ready reckoner.

  • To impart benefits to the employees of the companies who are ensconced in their comfort zone and strive for better productivity and performance

  • To lead the experienced professionals, who were on a sabbatical to kick start their careers 



Ms.Honey Rai started her career as a lecturer in management and engineering for over five years, then, branched out as a head for learning and development at leading MNC for a decade. She then became a mentor at Fluorescent Global, her flagship company. As is her wont, she has donned many hats as a certified sales trainer, MSIL, being a guide to students for international studies, mentoring corporates and teachers is also in her kitty. She has gone beyond her personal space in training with infallible ingenuity. Of course, every session is customized for the utmost benefit of her clients which gives stupendous result. She trains in hypno – therapy as she believes in insulating the mind and the soul. These many splendored experiences have borne fruit as she is well in coordination with fellow trainers who vouch for her passion for training.

Being the head, the mentor and torch bearer of Fluorescent Global,  Ms. Honey Rai is an exponential trainer and facilitator, who has a proclivity to train, enliven people from a gamut of society, albeit – corporates, teachers, students or the general public, She continues with great aplomb. Her vision is firmly edged to better the professional as well as personal lives of people. It is the refection of her trainees   that gives her immense joy. She has profound interest in various fields of training, to mention a few – NLP certified (Neuro-linguistic program), mentoring, corporate coach, leadership training and so on.

Ms. Honey Rai’s cerebral excellence has made it possible to train more than three thousand people and counting in the ambit of corporates, students, teachers, BSF and myriad professionals. She has more than fifteen years of wide experience in all the above mentioned. Handling deftly in every field such as – a psychologist (master’s degree), an MBA in HR and marketing, PGDHRM, gratitude therapy, writer, public speaker with trepidation!

Adding charm and nuances to her dazzling personality, she is a voice over artist with AIR, and has presided over national and international seminars of AIR and national TV. It is well-known fact that dance is a beautiful form of expression of mind and body. Music too, plays an imperative role.

Ms. Honey Rai has mastered these forms of art as she is a trained classical dancer and singer, imparting training to adults as well as children. This has given a huge impetus to her training methodology. It’s a complete amalgamation of holistic approach towards mind, body and soul that goes into her training.

Each one of us dream different. Some follow their dreams to perfection and some may need a helping hand to chase their dreams. Fluorescent Global has a strategic interest in various training methods which is insightful  and an overall perception to be goal oriented. Ms. Rai is recipient  of many awards and accolades in her long tenure of impeccable propensity. FG Training’s are also imparted online.


Few Testimonials:


“We appreciate Ms. Honey Rai that the training programs on motivation, Leadership, Stress Management, Conflict management and decision making will definitely be a help to them to face the strenuous situation in day to day life and meet the challenges with confidence in securing the borders of the nation”

Mr. Ashok A Patil

Commandant (CI)

STC Boarder Security Force of India


“The feedback from the participants are positive and very good. Employees are expecting to conduct such programs in near future to motivate, inspire and inculcate the learning to their personal and professional life”.

Mr. B.S. Narasimha Murthy

Sr. Gen. Manager HR & ADMN

Jindal Saw Limited


Very systematic, impressive training. Trainer’s capacity is awesome. In future also looking forward to be trained by Honey Rai alone”.

Mrs. Jyotsna Raju Keshava

CEO, Uniforce solutions Pvt Ltd


“Trendsetter of corporate Training through fun!! Eye opener session with enjoyment!!

Ms. Sindhu. V

Teaching Professional, Chennai


“Ms. Honey Rai programs are Very motivational and inspiring. It is always so fantastic listening to her. She is always passionate as ever and has really enlightened us by creating some kind of purpose not only in training program but also in life”

Mr. Gaurav Mishra

Software Consultant, Delhi


“Training’s at Fluorescent Global are very informative with excellent tips for lifetime, thank you”.

Mr. Savish Bannje

Supply Planning Manager

Frislandcampina, United Arab Emirates


Like above we have many more other Testimonials!!

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